Submitted by mikeryan on Mon, 02/18/2008 - 11:25am

At long last, I'm joining the ranks of the Internet navel-gazers. I'm Mike Ryan, and this site will be my personal information store and bully pulpit rolled into one. Anything that interests me at a given moment might appear here - a review of the last movie I saw, ideas for websites to develop, musical musings or political pondering.

I was formerly a web development consultant, but have worked at a full-time administrative job the past five years. I am returning to consulting at this point (specializing in Drupal development), so what you see in the near future will be disproportionately geared towards web development.

I've made multiple attempts at developing my own site, and foundered on my own ambition by trying to incorporate every applicable Drupal module and every aspect of my existence at once. So, today I start with a simple blog using the newly released Drupal 6.0, and will evolve the site from here.

Again, welcome!