NOLA Day 5 - 4/30/08

Submitted by mikeryan on Wed, 06/11/2008 - 8:12pm

So, that Wednesday we moved on the the Lower Ninth Ward. A group called is working on rebuilding homes in the most heavily devastated neighborhood in New Orleans, and we did our small part Wednesday and Thursday. Here's the house we were working on:


House in Lower Ninth Ward


Walking between the headquarters and the house above, we met this puppy named Money:




Now, although it seemed like there was barely one or two occupied houses per block, some essential services are provided (primarily for the benefit of the work crews, I think):


Ice cream van in Lower Ninth


Inside the house, Sarah was focused on drywall while I worked on installed firestops:

DrywallFresh firestops

Finally, at the end of our Wednesday shift, our fearless supervisors demonstrated teamwork in this window repair.


John lends Ben a hand or two