NOLA Day 4 - 4/29/08

Submitted by mikeryan on Tue, 06/03/2008 - 8:40pm

Back to work for the 2nd day. Checking in at FUUNO, we caught Christ and Noe (among others) in action:

Chris at FUUNONoe at FUUNO

Back in Jyaphia's kitchen, we finished the destructive part of the work (always fun), and did some constructive work (framing around the waste pipe):

Jyaphia's kitchenJyaphia's kitchen

And, of course, we had to pose in front of our hard work:

Sarah and DonaldDonald and Mike

Sarah and MikeSarah and Mike

 Later that evening, the whole group went out to celebrate Lois's birthday at the Pyramid Cafe. I captured this surrealistic snapshot of Noe:


Noe at Pyramid Cafe