NOLA Day 3 - 4/28/08

Submitted by mikeryan on Tue, 06/03/2008 - 8:17pm

So, on Monday we got down to work. The volunteers gathered at FUUNO, and split into three groups. One group worked at the church, and one went to another location that I don't recall. Here are some before photos at the church (afraid I didn't get any after), where they are building a commercial kitchen (you can see the sanctuary through the framing in the last photo):



Sarah and I (along with the inimitable, and very tall, Donald) went to Jyaphia's house. She does a lot of cooking for the church and its programs, so our mission was to help expand her kitchen by knocking out a wall to the pantry so the refrigerator could be pushed back into it. Here's the nearly-before photo (I was a little behind in snapping it), with Donald taking some pokes at the wall:


Donald at Jyaphia's house