Arizona Day 1

Submitted by mikeryan on Fri, 02/29/2008 - 11:37am

Dad and I drove up to Sedona yesterday, then on up Oak Creek Canyon.

A "rock" near Bell Rock


Bell Rock - the 2nd shot is through the binoculars, which worked better than expected. Note the color difference, due to the filter on the lenses.


Dad in front of Bell Rock, and both of us - well, the couple we met on the trail meant well...


A closer look at Bell Rock. People actually climb this thing (caught a glimpse of a couple through the binoculars).


Left: a view from the Chapel of the Holy Cross (right) - one of Mom's favorite places on Earth.


We started with a typical 80 degree day near Phoenix - bit of a climate change when you get up to nearly 7000 ft. It was actually about 60 when we were there, with rapid melting - we saw a couple of waterfalls on the way up.


And a couple more shots from the top.