FeedAPI generic XML parser

Would like to extend my recent XML parsing projects into a generic FeedAPI parser.

FeedAPI issues requesting this sort of thing:

Support for Other XML Types REST to Read APIs like Amazon Associates

Parsing other XML feeds

Process for generic feeds:

  1. Create content->XML feed would do an initial fetch for analysis. Raw XML saved - no parsing/processing yet.
  2. Analysis stage - like FEMP, identify feed structure. But, instead of mapping elements to existing node fields:
    1. Allow attributes as well as elements to be fields.
    2. Specify which elements turn into nodes (create new node types from here).
    3. Define CCK fields (behind-the-scenes) for elements and attributes from here.
    4. Generate theme files (.tpl.php) automatically.
  3. Finally, process that initial feed into nodes, and enable automatic processing going forward. Well, maybe allow some test processing before turning on the automated refresh.
  4. Export/import all that work, for use with other feeds of the same structure. Include library of common setups, allow sharing of others...
  5. Save fingerprint of feed structure to automatically identify similar feeds.