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Migration update for Drupal 8.1

For those of you using the migration system under Drupal 8.0.x, with Drupal 8.1 scheduled to release tomorrow, let’s take a look at where the migration ecosystem now stands. We’ll discuss the biggest core API change, then how moving to 8.1 affects various use cases.

Migrations are now plugins

MidCamp 2016

As a newly-minted midwestern Drupal shop, having this year's MidCamp taking place the very week of my transition was irresistible. So, on St. Patrick's Day I hopped on the Saluki to Chicago (alas, too late to see the green river). I did, however, arrive in time to catch a couple hours of the training day sprint, where I met dawehner face-to-face for the first time (one of the great things about cons and camps is, of course, putting faces to names). Topped off the day with a meat & three at County BBQ - their brisket was if anything even more tender than Pat's back home in Murphysboro, but not quite as tasty.

A personal migration

All things must pass... After four and a half years with Acquia, the time is ripe for me to return to the consulting world. I've resurrected a pre-Drupal d.b.a., Virtuoso Performance, and will be doing Drupal migration consulting under that moniker going forward. I appreciate my time at Acquia - I've learned a lot, and worked with some great people - but I miss the freedom and flexibility of consulting.

Business models

Generally, in the past I've been involved in migration projects from end-to-end:

  1. Analyzing source data, and working with site-builders and stakeholders to work out what legacy data maps to what Drupal entities.
  2. Architecting the migration implementation - figuring out an optimal class hierarchy, constructing the initial implementation, etc.

Drupal 8 migration - all the modules

Now that Drupal 8.0.0 is released, let's take a look at all the components of the Drupal migration ecosystem and where they stand now. To provide context to those familiar with migration under Drupal 7, I will show where the pieces came from. First, general migration support:

Feature D7 D8 D8 status
Basic migration framework migrate (contrib) migrate (core), plus destination plugins in core modules Experimental
General-purpose drush commands migrate (contrib) migrate_tools (contrib) The most common commands (ms, mi, mr, etc.) are working

migrate_plus splits up

For anyone currently using the migrate_tools (drush and UI tools for managing migrations) or migrate_source_csv (CSV source plugin) submodules of migrate_plus with their Drupal 8 migration projects, a heads-up - they're being split off into separate projects.

What's happening

New projects have been created for migrate_tools and migrate_source_csv. The plan is to create real (beta or RC) releases for these projects by next Monday, November 16. On that day, a release of migrate_plus will be cut that no longer contains those two modules.

What do I do about it?

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