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Columbus Day

Visited Dad in Pittsfield this Columbus Day, the best weather and foliage we've had for that weekend in a long time. Sarah documented it thoroughly...


Transitioning to the MacBook, I've set up my display(s) to rotate the background among several pictures. This one just popped up - a rare candid of my mother (10/7/39-2/3/07), at the Grand Canyon a few years ago when I visited my folks at their Arizona winter place.  She hated having her picture taken; I've never been much on photography - but here I captured something...

Mom at Grand Canyon

Arizona Day 3

Another day, another ball game. More typical of early spring training - the Rangers beat the Royals, something like 15-7.

Must be in the front row!

Action photos - a little "Oops" there on the left...



Arizona Day 2

80 degrees in February. What else is there to say?


Arizona Day 1

Dad and I drove up to Sedona yesterday, then on up Oak Creek Canyon.

A "rock" near Bell Rock

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