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We're All Doomed!

A few years back, before discovering Drupal, I built my own little content management system. At the time, I saw a Boondocks cartoon in which Huey talked about some looming world crisis (involving imminent oil depletion, perhaps) he had read about on werealldoomed.com.

Embedded to-do

Still waiting for the Drupal 6 CCK to set up a to-do node type. But, after posting my Boston Drupal Meetup notes with a few follow-up items embedded, I was thinking of a direct way to turn those pieces of text directly into to-do items without leaving the page I'm editing. Off the top of my head:

Content migration

Based on some discussion at last night's Boston Drupal Meetup, I'm thinking about pursing content migration as a specialty when I get my consulting business fully launched. I've dealt with that in my previous consulting life, and in the current day job went through a major (2-year) data migration project, so as I said on my blog I know a little bit about fitting round data into square rows. Some initial research to do:

Boston Drupal Meetup

Excellent meetup last night. The stuff I actually thought to jot down:

My Lightning Talk was on my collaborative knowledge base project at the day job. The Node Auto Term (NAT) module was pointed out as an potential substitute for the book module.

Slow day...

Not much progress on this site tonight - just tweaked the Garland color scheme, and got rid of the secondary links title in the footer. Yesterday's patch to the token module needs a little more work - I'm going to the Boston Drupal Meetup tomorrow night, so that will have to wait for Thursday.

Yes, every single page so far is Drupal-related. The monomania will continue at least through Drupalcon...


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