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Drupal 6 to Drupal 8 migration completed! (mostly)

Just had to share this major milestone - 10 minutes ago (as I type this, not as I publish it) I performed the first complete* migration of my Drupal 6 site into my Drupal 8 development environment (running the ui_poc branch of the IMP sandbox, plus a few patches to be submitted/committed).

* "Complete" meaning all user accounts, nodes, comments, and files (including image references within nodes) were migrated - plenty of details yet to be worked out.

Here's a shot from the D8 homepage:

Yes, clearly there's a timezone issue to deal with in importing the dates...

Updates on Migrate and my site

I've been quiet for a while, so some updates.

First off, this site. As part of the IMP initiative to add the Migrate framework to core in Drupal 8, supporting the upgrade process from 6 and 7, I plan on spinning up a Drupal 8 version of this (currently Drupal 6) site and start running migrations from my live site into it. I will also try to increase my frequency of posts here to help provide some more content for that migration - while my more formal and substantive Drupal-related posts will continue to appear on acquia.com, I'll be adding more personal posts (vacation photos! Everyone loves those!) and maybe some lower-bandwidth Drupal commentary (in particular updates on the migration effort for mikeryan.name).

Speaking of IMP (and vacation photos) - I was off on a 2-week vacation with my wife in mid-March, and naturally have been catching up on customer projects since returning, so haven't contributed for a few weeks. chx and team have continued to make great progress, in particular getting a massive update of the sandbox work on the underlying API committed to core. I should be more active in the IMP effort in the coming months.

Migrate module screencast

Here is take 1 of the migrate module screencast: http://mikeryan.name/sites/default/files/u3/migrate_demo.mov

And another brief update

Today is a milestone for me - last day working fulltime on the day job. I will still be there two days a week for the foreseeable future,  but going forward most of my "work" time (no longer constrained to the office business day) will be Drupal-centric.

FeedAPI generic XML parser

Would like to extend my recent XML parsing projects into a generic FeedAPI parser.

FeedAPI issues requesting this sort of thing:

Support for Other XML Types REST to Read APIs like Amazon Associates

Parsing other XML feeds

Process for generic feeds:

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