Transitioning to the MacBook, I've set up my display(s) to rotate the background among several pictures. This one just popped up - a rare candid of my mother (10/7/39-2/3/07), at the Grand Canyon a few years ago when I visited my folks at their Arizona winter place.  She hated having her picture taken; I've never been much on photography - but here I captured something...

Mom at Grand Canyon

And another brief update

Today is a milestone for me - last day working fulltime on the day job. I will still be there two days a week for the foreseeable future,  but going forward most of my "work" time (no longer constrained to the office business day) will be Drupal-centric.

Quick update

Seems a little quiet around here... I got a MacBook this week, the past few days I've been migrating stuff from my old Windows system. It's coming along slowly, had a couple little glitches (the first sync with my iPhone wiped out my contacts and calendar, and then I had problems with Quicken Mac 2007). I'll be more verbose once my platform is stable...


Drupalcon blogging

In terms of blogging my experience at Drupalcon, I only got partway through Day 2 last week, and it's getting harder and harder to make out my own chicken-scratching. For the moment, my time is better spent actively Drupaling - I hope at some point in the not-too-distant future to review the videos and report back...


Drupalcon summary

This may be slightly out of order, since I've still got a ways to go in blogging my notes on the specific sessions I attended at Drupalcon, but I want to get my overall thoughts and impressions out as quickly as possible.

First, expanding on my comment on - I'm re-entering the Drupal community after some time away, and it feels so right... There are some acknowledgements I need to make:

First and foremost, my significant other SIGNIFICANT Other, Sarah Richards, has been supportive above-and-beyond of the time I've spent Drupaling on top of my day job (and of the constant whining over how little time I have left to do all the other things I want to do). I hope her patience continues, because I have a lot of catching up to do in the Drupal world. And I hope some non-profit working on progressive change out there can use an anthropologist with project management experience (contact me if you can...).

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