Columbus Day

Visited Dad in Pittsfield this Columbus Day, the best weather and foliage we've had for that weekend in a long time. Sarah documented it thoroughly...

The Choice

When the party nominees emerged, I was for the first time in my life satisfied with the choice before me. I've been voting in Presidential elections since 1980, and had never before seen both parties nominate candidates who I respected, and expected to serve well.

Drupalcon DC

Been awfully quiet around here for a while, despite my best intentions for regular updates back a few months ago... But, here's a little something - I managed to get in among the first hundred for DrupalCon DC, to be held the first week of March 2009. Fifty bucks saved is fifty bucks earned...

NOLA Day 7 - 5/2/08

Friday was our last work day. This one was, again, helping out a FUUNO church member, who is having a new home built by Habitat for Humanity:


Habitat for Humanity 


We worked on the framing inside:

NOLA Day 6 - 5/1/08

Thursday morning we continued our drywalling and firestopping in the Ninth Ward. Sorry, looks like I didn't get any more photos... In the afternoon, we returned to JazzFest. First up: Randy Newman, who performed a great set - of course, Lousiana 1927 was featured, but he also had some good new material. Including the audience participatory I'm Dead (But I Don't Know It).

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