Arizona Day 2

80 degrees in February. What else is there to say?


Arizona Day 1

Dad and I drove up to Sedona yesterday, then on up Oak Creek Canyon.

A "rock" near Bell Rock

How's the weather in Boston?

The lime tree on Dad's patio in warm sunny Arizona:


I'm pleased to announce that I am joining Moshe Weitzman in Cyrve. Our specialty is content migration and transformation - the grunge work of fitting old information into new holes.

Past projects of mine

XML -> Mobile-compliant XHTML

I produced a mobile-compatible website for delivering 2008 U.S. Presidential election results to hand-held devices. This involved modifying the Drupal FeedAPI module (at that time still in beta) to read custom fields in addition to standard RSS fields (patch submitted).

As a follow-up project, in two days I created a system to take XML feeds of raw election data and produce mobile-compatible XHTML pages to present the results, for live updates on Super Tuesday. This system included a templating system so the client could easily style it to their own needs (they reported it took half an hour with my delivered system to complete the theming and customization), and has remained in operation through subsequent primary elections.

Drupal update

Did a good day's work, between the soon-to-be-updated Christ Church Unity site and token module debugging. That'll be the last significant Drupal work until after Drupalcon, however, as I'll be heading off to sunny Arizona on Wednesday...


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