NOLA Day 6 - 5/1/08

Thursday morning we continued our drywalling and firestopping in the Ninth Ward. Sorry, looks like I didn't get any more photos... In the afternoon, we returned to JazzFest. First up: Randy Newman, who performed a great set - of course, Lousiana 1927 was featured, but he also had some good new material. Including the audience participatory I'm Dead (But I Don't Know It).

NOLA Day 5 - 4/30/08

So, that Wednesday we moved on the the Lower Ninth Ward. A group called is working on rebuilding homes in the most heavily devastated neighborhood in New Orleans, and we did our small part Wednesday and Thursday. Here's the house we were working on:


House in Lower Ninth Ward


NOLA Day 4 - 4/29/08

Back to work for the 2nd day. Checking in at FUUNO, we caught Christ and Noe (among others) in action:

Chris at FUUNONoe at FUUNO

NOLA Day 3 - 4/28/08

So, on Monday we got down to work. The volunteers gathered at FUUNO, and split into three groups. One group worked at the church, and one went to another location that I don't recall. Here are some before photos at the church (afraid I didn't get any after), where they are building a commercial kitchen (you can see the sanctuary through the framing in the last photo):

NOLA day 2 - 4/27/08

On to our 2nd day in New Orleans (at this rate, I should have the week finished by Christmas!). First thing, of course, we visited Cafe du Monde (no visit to NOLA is complete without a plate of their beignets, wallowing through ankle-deep powdered sugar).

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